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Do I need to set up/anything with any of the partner banks to enable them as a bank option?

BPI Integration - For a BPI integration, you will need to have a BPI account as they are currently limited to intra-bank transfer capabilities only. If you have an existing Bizlink Account, Brankas will also provide to you a BPI MPTJ enrollment form that will need to be filled out by you so that you will have visibility on the transactions also from your Bizlink portal.

Do we already have a procedure for a client who is ready to go live?

When you are ready to move into the production environment send an email to

How do I trace and reconcile the total number of transactions?

CURRENTLY, We have APIs that will allow them to pull all your transactions from the transaction database to assist with the reporting. Additionally, we also provide callbacks that can POST to a webhook url that you provide us for real-time reporting as soon as a new transaction comes in.The callbacks inform the client when a transaction has come through in real time. It returns minimal data. But the data is returns is sufficient for them to pull the full transaction details from the database.

We are working on extending our APIs (Direct v2) to give Brankas clients the ability to attach richer transaction information to fund transfers performed by end users. This transaction data will ideally allow clients to qualify and reconcile Direct transactions with specific items on their bank issued Statement of Accounts (SOA). We are also aiming to provide a dashboard for automatic reconciliation. The goal is to provide Brankas clients with a downloadable CSV file that they can then use to perform their own reconciliation with Statement of Accounts (SOA) issued by their banks.

Request payment feature

What is the Request Payment function?

The Request Payment API will enable the end users to request money by generating a link from within the client mobile application, which they can send to their corresponding customers or network. Recipients of the request will simply need to click the link and will be redirected to a URL to prompt for payment using their mobile banking accounts and eventually other other banks/wallets.

Who are the ideal customers for this feature?

This service is white label version of Brankas’s own Brankas Pay service for small and micro online merchants. This will involve exposing Brankas Pay’s own APIs and services for direct integration into the mobile application.

What are the features and benefits of this feature?

This feature helps standardize the process for individuals requesting funds or online sellers collecting payments. Through this feature, users are able to generate an invoice where they can encode the necessary information for the request, which will be captured in the unique URL generated. Instead of displaying their bank information on their social media platforms or sharing that information to different customers, they can instead generate a unique payment link that customers can use. This helps avoid security risk from providing bank account information.

Because the link enables the end user to transact immediately & securely , this eliminates the inconvenience of the end user having to open a different mobile banking app and sending back screenshots and waiting for confirmation from the merchant. Recipients of the link would also be provided with different bank options through the link.

Additionally, because the API allows for invoice generation to facilitate the transaction, merchants and individuals are able to track and reconcile these payments as they land into their bank accounts. Once the recipient completes the transaction, the link is automatically updated as completed so both sender and recipient can simply click on the generated link to track the status. This helps avoid the inconvenience of tracking and coordinating whether a transaction has been completed. It also avoids the possibility of multiple transactions since the link is updated to a completed transaction immediately.

Can this Request Payment feature do bulk invoice upload?

Brankas can provide a bulk invoice feature that will allow end users and client back end to programmatically generate multiple invoices and associated payment links. Such features are to be scoped out separately with the client.

What interface is used for this facility?

Brankas will only provide the Request Payment APIs, so we will utilize existing interface(s) of client application as available. For cases where affront end interface is not readily available (i.e. web page, SME portal, application, etc.), Client would need to develop the front end that connects to the feature’s available API end points.


Can we customize the look of Direct? If yes, how does that work, is there a template or a platform?

No for Direct only. Yes to minimal customization of the IDP flow so that it is more inline with your UI and UX branding. Customization is implemented using our APIs.

Where can we find documentation for customization?

The document is in the works, but our our Sales and Product teams can provide any information you may require.

hy is there no “Forgot Password” feature on the TFA State?

Brankas aims to facilitate the fund transfer process only. Any other bank related services such as “Forgot Username/Password” or resetting of password is out of scope of the Brankas Service and recommended to be done on the end user’s bank portal.

What is the customer journey after a successful transfer?

After completing the transaction, the end user is redirected back to the client’s mobile application after a standard one (1) minute. The end user may also opt to click on “Done” button to be redirected back to the mobile application.

Does the IDP open on a separate webpage from the app? (for example, upon clicking, web browser application opens?)

The IDP is designed to have a web view inside the mobile application.

Does an end-user need to log in each time for a transaction? Are we able to do account linking?

CURRENTLY, a customer would need to log in his credentials for every transaction.

In the FUTURE (2021), our implementation will use multiple layers of encryption and take advantage of edge storage for storing and securing these access credentials, storing them in the end user’s device instead of on our systems. In summary, we’ll be using our IDP to encrypt end user bank login credentials and mobile OS features such as Keystore (Android) and Keychain (iOS) to store them in the end user’s device. We’ll be exposing these features via a mobile SDK that we will provide clients as part of the delivery of this feature.

What are the possible reasons for failed transactions in product environment? How do I escalate this problem to Brankas for resolution?

A: Send screenshots of the error to the Brankas team.

If you can’t find what you need or need further assistance, contact us.

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