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How do I trace and reconcile the total number of transactions?

CURRENTLY, We have APIs that will allow them to pull all your transactions from the transaction database to assist with the reporting. Additionally, we also provide callbacks that can POST to a webhook url that you provide us for real-time reporting as soon as a new transaction comes in.The callbacks inform the client when a transaction has come through in real time. It returns minimal data. But the data is returns is sufficient for them to pull the full transaction details from the database.

We are working on extending our APIs (Direct v2) to give Brankas clients the ability to attach richer transaction information to fund transfers performed by end users. This transaction data will ideally allow clients to qualify and reconcile Direct transactions with specific items on their bank issued Statement of Accounts (SOA). We are also aiming to provide a dashboard for automatic reconciliation. The goal is to provide Brankas clients with a downloadable CSV file that they can then use to perform their own reconciliation with Statement of Accounts (SOA) issued by their banks.

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