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If instaPay is not available for any reason, is it possible to do a fund transfer (up to P50,000) via PESONet instead?

Availability of inter-bank rails depends on the banks. You may refer to the table for now:

BPI no inter-bank facility
BDO does not support PESONet for retail account holders
Metrobank automates which rail to use based on the value of the transaction and there’s no way for our endpoints to deliberately specify which one to use
RCBC IIRC allows you to specify which rail to use but, validates the amount to be transferred first, if > or < P50,000
Unionbank has separate APIs for Instapay and PesoNet and it may be possible to specify Pesonet for even if the amount is below 50K but will need to double check this with them (just confirmed, it is possible)

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