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What are the features and benefits of this feature?

This feature helps standardize the process for individuals requesting funds or online sellers collecting payments. Through this feature, users are able to generate an invoice where they can encode the necessary information for the request, which will be captured in the unique URL generated. Instead of displaying their bank information on their social media platforms or sharing that information to different customers, they can instead generate a unique payment link that customers can use. This helps avoid security risk from providing bank account information.

Because the link enables the end user to transact immediately & securely , this eliminates the inconvenience of the end user having to open a different mobile banking app and sending back screenshots and waiting for confirmation from the merchant. Recipients of the link would also be provided with different bank options through the link.

Additionally, because the API allows for invoice generation to facilitate the transaction, merchants and individuals are able to track and reconcile these payments as they land into their bank accounts. Once the recipient completes the transaction, the link is automatically updated as completed so both sender and recipient can simply click on the generated link to track the status. This helps avoid the inconvenience of tracking and coordinating whether a transaction has been completed. It also avoids the possibility of multiple transactions since the link is updated to a completed transaction immediately.

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